Awake awake you children bold
Take hold of all your books and fold
The corners, they warned us
A storm is coming on
What do you mean you’ve lost
Your scarlet welly boots, do y’know what they cost?
Wear a raincoat or it’ll soak you to the bone

What's it like, the children ask?
It’s just like falling snow, I am above you,
And I love you, don’t you know
That I’ll be with you all along, as long as you are kind
To those who are not strong and cannot find their scarlet welly boots

Cos when it’s cold
I’ll wrap my scarf around you
And when it’s hard
I’ll place your head into my hands
And when you scream that it’s not fair,
It’s like I’ve gone off to the coast
Left you behind just standing there
Pretending not to see your ghost
If only you could hear my voice
But you are screaming far to loud to hear me swear
Just because I left doesn’t mean that I’m not still there

I get to watch you grow up now
And make me proud, make all of the mistakes that make me laugh, oh darling lord how you make me laugh
Get drunk for me, sing louder than you’ve sung for me,
Grow young each time that thunder in your lungs begins to rumble at the world

Cos you were always strong,
When you were young, you’d kick things just to see if they would fall
They said ‘that girl she’s wrong’
But I’ll stick up for you, even though you haven’t got a clue, you haven't got a fucking clue

And I’m so proud of you
And when they laugh at us
You’ll feel my fingers down your back
And when you scream I’m not alright
And throw my picture at the wall
‘You were supposed to be my light
And keep me safe against them all
How could you leave me here' you’ll scream
And louder, I’ll scream back to you from that unknown
And say
I know you’re strong enough to do this on your own

I know you’re strong enough to do this on your
Strong enough to do this on your
Strong enough to do this on your own

And years from now at night that storm
Will break, you’ll step outside to feel it shake
And barefoot walk across the lawn
You’ll miss me oh Jesus Christ you’ll miss me
Just much as all those years ago, and you’ll look up at the storm

You’ll say ‘I’ve been so scared,
you left me here behind, do you not care?
How the fuck am I supposed to carry on without you here?
Just when you’re about to give up every hope you have you turn around Perched by the stairs, someone’s gone and left behind
A brand new pair of scarlet welly boots


from The Horror and the Wild, released February 29, 2020


all rights reserved



The Amazing Devil London, UK

The Amazing Devil is a dramatic, lyrical alt-folk band formed by Joey Batey and Madeleine Hyland. They released their debut album Love Run in 2016 to considerable acclaim ('a masterpiece’ - FATEA, 'the best thing I have heard this year’ - For Folk's Sake).

In 2019, Madeleine and Joey recorded their second studio album - The Horror and the Wild - which was released in February 2020.
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